What we offer

        • Advertise any type of content: html, images, flash, iframe
        • Select your sizes and target blocks
        • Target by keywords and user locations
        • Statistics in near real time (every 5 minutes)
        • Advertising campaigns in general rotation are distributed primarily on pages which thematic match yours.
        • No middle man means cheaper campaigns.
        • Top Ads

          Your ads can be placed at the top of the search results. Select a format from 728x90 to 200x200 and place any type of content.


          Down Ads

          Your content is placed just below the page results.

          SideBar ads

          Your ad is placed at the right side of the page. The formats are from 160x90 to 160x600 pixels.



          Any type of content is accepted.

          Insert your images, flash banners, html codes or iframe urls in any ad type.


          Adult or illegal contents are not allowed.


          Targeting by geolocation

          You can now target your ads by country.

          Targeting by keywords

          If you need to fine tune your performances, you can select only the keywords you need for your ads !


          Your control how much impressions per day can be reached.

          • Ad type
          • Sidebar Ads
          • Top Ads
          • Down Ads
          • Size
          • 160x90, 160x200, 160x300, 160x600
          • 728x90, 468x80, 336x280, 250x250, 200x200
          • 728x90, 468x80, 336x280, 250x250, 200x200
          • CPM costs
          • 1.70 €
          • 2.40 €
          • 1.40 €

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